The Bartolone family are no strangers to the produce business—which accounts for their success! Larry and Paul’s father, Carl, launched his wholesale produce business with a single truck in 1948. Beginning 1969, Carl’s four sons graduated high school and joined the mix. The family business grew rapidly and, by the time Larry came aboard in 1977, they had expanded from one truck to seven straight trucks and two tractor trailers.

In late 2001, Gary Robertson, owner of Green Farms, approached the family with an opportunity to manage his two stores—as he was nearing retirement. The decision was made to diversify the company. The timing was right since the third generation of Bartolone’s had come of age and were interested in growing the business.

Two brothers, Larry and Paul Bartolone, became owners of Green Farms in 2003. Larry manages the East Canton store, and Paul the Alliance location. Larry has now been in the industry for thirty years—having started working with his father when he was fifteen years old.

Great pride is taken in the Bartolone name. The two men who get up 3 AM every day to select the freshest produce for their stores from the Great Northern Food Terminal in Cleveland, and from other markets, do so for the satisfaction they glean from the smiles on their customers’ faces when biting into a crisp apple or tasting a juicy cantaloupe.

Paul and Larry are eternally grateful to their namesake Carl, beloved father, and for the support of their wives Eileen and Tina. Their continued understand and enduring many early mornings and late nights has meant success for the family.

Please visit our stores and experience for yourself the freshest in local produce and much more! The East Canton Green Farms store is located at 809 W. Nassau St. (U.S. Route 30 near Broadway), and can be reached at (330) 488-2752. The Alliance store is located on W. State Street, (off the State Route 62 exit), and can be reached at (330) 821-4597.